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Alright, so Anthropomundus will not simply be dealing with the posthuman species that inhabit the world, from the progenitor species to the wildly amazing human tree of life that immediately sprouts from it. Already, there are story elements surrounding this planet in regards to its seeding by a hyper-advanced alien civilization like the Qu (whether or not they are the Qu is up to the reader at this point, I guess) with the posthuman progenitors and various species of algae and other microorganisms.

I think if I ever want to commit Anthropomundus into book form, it will have four parts:

1. A prologue describing the fate of human civilization all across the Galaxy in the hands (or rather, the prehensile tails) of the Qu (or similar race), and how one faction of them chose a young solar system and began a unique experiment: seeding the world with microbes, including algae, and only one animal species from Earth: the fetus-like Microhomunculus progenitor. Before they, with their unlimited patience as space-gods, could watch how their experiment unfolds, they had to leave along with the rest of their trillions-strong brethren to the next part of the Galaxy to mold to their ideological ends.

2. A book based on the remarks of the prominent scientists named "Yim-Thowr" and "Zel-Naeth," who lead an expedition to Anthropomundus, on the natural history of the planet, the evolutionary history of its posthuman inhabitants (noting how life abruptly started in the fossil record 50 million years before). It is unknown at this point whether "Yim-Thowr" and "Zel-Naeth" were aliens or posthumans themselves; either way, their civilization met an untimely end through a comet strike on the homeworld. This takes place about 50 million years after the seeding (90 million years in the future).

3. Another book based on the works of many of the scientists and historians of the first native Anthropomundan civilization before they cooked their planet through their unregulated carbon-based industry. This takes place 200 million years in the future.

4. A final book based again on the works of many scientists and historians of a second civilization to arise on Anthropomundus. They are contacted by the powerful, benevolent 'Ùwúk civilization outside of the Oort cloud of the Anthropomundus system. This takes place one billion years in the future, and the posthuman fauna would be predictably highly divergent.



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Fascinating stuff, great tone. Watching now. 
Giant-Blue-Anteater Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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Thank you for watching.
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You're welcome, my friend! ;)
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